Mathematics and IT

Roumen Vragov

Assistant Professor of Information Technology



BBA, Southwestern College in Kansas
MA, Economics, University of Arizona
PhD, Economics (Economic Systems Design & minor in MIS), University of Arizona

Office: Aquinas Hall
Office Hours: MWF
Phone: 845-569-3265


Prof. Vragov has been teaching Information Systems and Business courses since 2000. He specializes in using experiments with human subjects to investigate the properties of electronic markets. He has published articles in top-ranked academic journals and has presented his research at many national and international conferences. Prof. Vragov has worked as a consultant for government agencies, Universities, and businesses including the Federal Communications Commission, Berkeley College, and Epic Technologies and has received research grants from the Australian Graduate School of Management, George Mason University, the CUNY Research Foundation, the National Science Foundation, and Microsoft. His current research interests include: P2P networking, Group decision-making and eDemocracy, and Internet advertizing and sponsored search.

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Roumen Vagrov