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Today's nurses play a crucial role in our rapidly evolving health care system. With the United States suffering from a severe nursing shortage, students who enter our Nursing program will find a personally satisfying program that can open up a number of career doors for the future. Research, patient care, healthcare administration, teaching; the possibilities abound. 

Our graduates are employed by leading hospitals and health care agencies in the Hudson Valley region and beyond. They know that the rigorous academic program and hands-on experience that our graduates have experienced prepares them to hit the ground running. 

The Mount's Nursing program is designed to develop the broad knowledge base needed by professional nurses in a rapidly changing healthcare system. The need for nurses with bachelor's degrees will increase as our health care system continues to become more complex. The role of nurses with bachelor's degrees is also becoming more complex: they are central players in designing, managing, coordinating, and providing patient care across settings.

The Mount's Nursing program is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, and enjoys a widespread reputation for excellence.

In congruence with the Judeo-Christian values and the Dominican tradition of education at Mount Saint Mary College, the School of Nursing is committed to a holistic and supportive learning environment that prepares nurses to practice in a dynamic global community. The faculty foster student-faculty interaction and lifelong learning in the areas of practice, leadership, scholarship and service.

Updated: 2015

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