Adult Degree Completion

Alpha Sigma Lambda


Alpha Sigma Lambda Scholarship Information

For information about the Alpha Sigma Lambda scholarships, please contact  Karen Ulrich, the Chapter Councilor of MSMC’s Gamma Iota Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda in sufficient time for the information to be verified. Karen's office is located at 361 Powell Avenue in Newburgh, NY.


Grants will be made to adult students in continuing higher education based on scholarship, leadership, the clarity and content of their personal statement, strength of recommendation, and need. Funds will be disbursed to the college business/treasurer's office in the name of the student as a credit to his/her account. The maximum award per individual will be determined each year.

If you are interested and meet the above criteria, please contact Karen Ulrich at 845-569-3226 to pick up an application, or e-mail

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