Study Abroad

Mount Saint Mary College provides every student the opportunity to study abroad.

Our programs provide students with a global education that goes beyond the classroom experience. The Mount's study abroad initiative is a response to the growing need for well-rounded graduates with an understanding of international affairs and world cultures. Studying abroad supports our students and broadens their academic perspective, global awareness, and personal development as engaged world citizens. 

Where do you want to go?

Go anywhere you can imagine! We can help you find the best semester or year-long program based on your major or area of study. No matter your intellectual journey, the Mount will offer you a variety of programs that will meet your academic needs while you embrace the global adventure abroad.

Looking for a shorter period but still want to feel immersed in the culture? Check out our very own Mount-sponsored summer programs in 2015.

Florence, Italy

Florence is one of the most culturally and socially rich cities in all of Europe, and is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Earn MSMC course credits for art, psychology, math, science, and/or history.


London, England

London is one of the world's most beloved locales, a sophicated cosmopolitan city with a vibrant culture and bustling economy. Earn MSMC course credits for art, history, religion, English, and/or theater.

Segovia Spain

Learn and Travel in Spain

For the first time ever, you can travel through Spain and visit five different Spanish cities all in one month: Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, and more! Earn MSMC course credits for Spanish, economics, political science, philosophy, and/or nursing.

Since MSMC's inception in 1959, students have gone to numerous countries for a variety lengths of time including:

Florence, Italy

We offer summer and winter break programs to England, Italy, Spain, France, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, and China.

International Internships
We offer internships in fourteen different countries during the summer through our partnership with CIS Learning Abroad to places like Italy, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Peru, Czech Republic, and Hawaii. We combine practical work experiences with academic goals that will give you a competive edge for the career you always imagined. Check out our international internships.

Language Study
We are excited to announce our new partnership with Education First! In our increasingly interconnected world, the importance of knowing another language and culture is vital for success. EF has partnered with the Mount to make language study programs available during academic and summer breaks.

Segovia, Spain

Seniors and Graduate Students
Do you regret not having studied abroad during your undergraduate career? It’s not too late to check out post-baccalaureate programs in nursing, business, information technology, and government.

Eligible for HEOP funding? The Mount makes every effort to offer you the complete undergradute experience. Come visit our office to learn how your finanical aid package can provide you with an exciting experience abroad.

How to Apply

The Office of International Programs reviews applications on a rolling basis. Students may apply online or download an application on our website. Apply now!


Emily Marmo, Director for the Office of International Programs 
(P) 845-569-3262

Ashley Knox, Study Abroad Coordinator
(P) 845-569-3798

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