Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Symposium

September 21, 2011 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Kaplan Center - MST Atrium

Mount Saint Mary College's Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program will cap off an intensive summer of research with a symposium at the College.

The SURE Symposium 2011 will be held on Wednesday, September 21, from 5 - 7 pm. Students will set up their posters in the Kaplan Family Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology Atrium at 4:45 pm, and will attend their posters until 6 pm (refreshments will be available).

Keynote Address

george wemberlyAt 6 pm, keynote speaker Dr. George L. Wimberly, director of social justice and professional development at the American Educational Research Association (AERA), will address attendees in Aquinas Room 163. This will be a 45-minute talk, followed by 15 minutes for questions.

The topic of Dr. Wimberly's address is How do we know what we know? Using research to inform policy and practice

Dr. Wimberly manages the AERA dissertation and post-doctoral fellowship programs, provides national exposure to these fellowship opportunities, and works directly with grantees and their institutions. He is the co-principal investigator on the National Science Foundation funded project, Advancing Knowledge and Building the Research Infrastructure in Education and STEM Learning.

Much of his research focuses on educational transitions and educational attainment among African-American students. He has previously worked in policy research at ACT, Inc., where he developed policy reports on college planning. Dr. Wimberly earned his PhD in sociology from the University of Chicago.

Mount Student Research Projects

Read more about the research projects that students and faculty collaborated on in the SURE 2011 sessions: 

Gigianna Santiago and Margaret Larrousse 
Using aquatic plants to produce substrate for electricity generating microbial fuel cells

Mary McEwan and Tom Sarro
Replication of a vegetation study last performed in 1971. The intent is to document forest change over this forty year periodsacross ten distinct habitats on the Mohonk Preserve.

Gabriela Murphy-Goldberg and Carl Hoegler
Protease Inhibitors and the Integrity of Muscle Proteins: This project will test the efficacy of incorporation of protease inhibitors in tissue lysates on their protein integrity.

Alana DeTone and Lynn Maelia
Analysis of nicotine in hookah smoke by gas chromatographic analysis.

Andre Santa and William Lahar
The mechanism of oxidation of 2-butanol in the presence of gold nanooparticles using FT-IR and FT-NMR spectroscopies.

Rebecca Seepersad and Janet Petroski
Investigating the oxidation of 2-butanol catalyzed by Au and Pd nanoparticles using ATR-FTIR.

Kaeley Miller and James Moran
The Protective Effects of Butein Against Cytotoxicity and the Anti-Proliferative Effects of Cinnamaldehyde on Cancer Cells.

Kelsey Hart,  David Gallagher and Matt Hollibush
One promising pedagogical approach for preparing teacher candidates for teaching disciplinary literacy in secondary schools is with project-based learning (PBL).  This research project has examined how teacher candidates in a graduate content literacy course designed and implemented a project, and integrated disciplinary literacy throughout the PBL process.

Christopher DiRusso andSuparna Bhalla
Investigating the anti-proliferative properties of commercial licorice root extract on human epithelial cervical carcinoma cells.

Jaime Cocco and Rebecca Norman
The relationship between third graders’ understanding of the visuals/text features in informational text (e.g., diagrams, captions) and their comprehension of informational text in general.

Jacquelyn Camacho and Sarah Uzelac
Impact of Common Obstetrical Intervention in the Perinatal Period on Prevalence of Childhood Developmental Disorders. DESCRIPTION: The current research project focuses on the relationship between common obstetrical interventions and the incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Laura Lamica and Daniel Shea
A compilation of the first anthology of the Irish Literary Revival comprised entirely of primary source materials.

Kristin Phillips, Virginia Davidson and Sister Catherine Walsh
Reviewing, organizing and evaluating the personal records (diaries and scrap books) of the Newburgh artist, Hazel Brill Jackson, with the ultimate goal of publishing a book about her life and her art.

James Liporace and Douglas Robinson
Identifying the types of bacteria found in nestling American and Fish Crows and determining whether they are resistant to common human antibiotics. Our research will provide insights into whether survival is correlated with bacterial assemblage and whether crows serve as reservoirs for bacteria that are harmful to humans.

Lauryn Kilker and Paul Schwartz
The present study is a research grant provided by DSS, whose primary goal is to understand the correlates of homelessness in Orange County, and examine the variables that could improve services and reduce recidivism of the identified homeless population.

Elizabeth Leist and Frances Spielhagen
The potential effects of arts presentations on adolescent aggressive behaviors like bullying.

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