Women Environmental Artists

October 03, 2013 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Curtin Memorial Library

The iROC series continues next week when Dr. Maria Minickiello of the Mount's Office of Online and Adult Learning presents her doctoral research on Women Environmental Artists: Unearthing Connections and Context.

Using a feminist lens, historical and contemporary art history, ecological study, and personal interviews, Maria will explore the work of contemporary women environmental artists. Her presentation will include information on ecological frameworks, feminism, and art history, and will demonstrate how contemporary art, society, and economics inform, inspire, and influence the work of these artists. Through profiles and images of women environmental artists, Maria will provide an opportunity to better understand the contemporary contexts and challenges influencing this marginalized group of visual artists.

Maria Minickiello is the Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Online and Adult Degree Completion Programs at the Mount. Her presentation will take place on Thursday, October 3, at 4 pm on the main floor of Curtin Memorial Library. Refreshments will be served. All are welcome.

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