Brazilian Winter Interim 2014

Fellowship Program

The MCH program provides two visits to healthcare organizations in New York, with the goal of providing a direct contact with these institutions and a professional on-site observation of their daily reality.The group will visit a company or receive classroom a local manager to provide an opportunity to interact live with the reality of U.S. business. Students will also receive suggestions for visits to organizations and events to be developed by the students' choice.

Fellowship Program in International Studies and Health Administration

Organization of Program

Mount Saint Mary College is a private foundation, nonprofit, founded in 1959 by the Dominican religious order. The campus is located in the city of Newburgh, overlooking the Hudson River, about 1 hour from Manhattan.

Under the coordination of Prof.. Dr. Ricardo Pitelli de Britto, the program will provide assistance to students in their preparation for the trip and the course, aiming to their full advantage.

Our goal is to offer international education with focus on professional reality. Aware of the difficulties for the student to attend a program abroad, we provide a set of documents and information to the students, facilitating the process of organizing the trip. In short, you will receive:

• Texts from prior reading in order to complete their preparation for classes, with several weeks in advance;

• Invitations to participate in meetings with the group, sharing information and meeting the people who will take the course;

• Guidelines on how to obtain airline tickets at very affordable prices (see section Estimates of Expenditures on page 4);

• Documents and guidelines for obtaining your visa to enter the U.S.;

• Suggested tours, sightseeing, shopping and visits in their free weekends.

Intensive Courses and Health Administration in the United States Investment

Mount Saint Mary College in Latin America is represented by IBS-SP who are responsible for managing the program.

Upcoming Dates

January 2014 – Business Management and Health Care Management.

Classes start in 01/06/2014 (boarding in Brazil 01/02/2014) and end on 01/23 (return to Brazil 01/26/2014).

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