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An Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way

Christine Baker and dog JessieChristine Baker ’95 has launched a new not-for-profit organization, Walk4Good. Walk4Good is a growing community of compassion-driven individuals from all walks of life whose primary mission is to inspire and empower people to pass acts of kindness onto others.

"My education at Mount Saint Mary College extended beyond the classroom, and I am forever grateful to the stellar professors (Beard, Davidson, and Nunnari to name a few), coaches (Randy Ognibene and John Wright) and mentors who guided me then and guide me now. I certainly learned the critical skills needed to excel in my marketing/PR career, but I learned something much more valuable at MSMC. I learned about service to others and how it must be a part of who we are. I possess keen memories of an Alternative Spring Break trip to Hull, Illinois. That experience ingrained in me the belief that we must, above all else, be kind and help those in need. This is the very foundation that Walk4Good has been built. I am forever thankful that Randi Ognibene and Harry Steinway scouted me all those years ago in New Haven, CT as they looked for basketball players to recruit."

Christine and her dog Jessie will walk the 2,180 miles of the Appalachian Trail over six grueling months to inspire YOU to make a difference. All you need to do is tell them why they should walk for your loved one and what made him or her special.

In return for making a complimentary dedication, Christine and Jessie simply ask for you to go out into your community, do one good thing - big or small - and tell them what you did.

To learn more or make a dedication and practice an act of kindness in honor of your loved one, please visit Walk4Good’s website at today!