Summer Undergraduate Research Program

The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Symposium 2012 was held on Wednesday, September 19 in the Kaplan Family Math, Science, and Technology Center atrium.

Keynote speakers were Dr. Sam Bowser and Laura Von Rosk, and the topic was Art, Science, and Understanding Antarctica.

Sam Bowser, PhD, is a polar biologist and art/science enthusiast. Painter Laura Von Rosk traveled to Antarctica last fall to work with Dr. Bowser and his research team.

Students' poster presentations at the symposium included:

Janaina Barham, Pablo Escotto, Matthew Hollibush and David Gallagher
Project-based Learning and Disciplinary Literacy

Michele Barry and Yasmine Kalkstein
Factors that Influence Women's Decisions on Subsequent Birth Following a Cesarean Section

Alana DeTone and William Lahar
The Structural Effects of Metalating Tetraphenylporphyrin (TPP)

Christopher DiRusso, Hugh Prentice, Suparna Bhalla and Jay Carreon
Anti-Proliferative Studies of Para-Substituted 2' Hydroxychalcones

Adam Earle, Troy Mahon, Rebeka Mitchell, and Janet Petroski
What Is The Best Bimetallic Nanoparticle Catalyst For Alcohol Oxidations?

Lara Guindi and Suparna Bhalla
The Anti-Microbial Properties of Cinnamaldehyde on E.Coli Bacteria

Joseph Henain and Jodie Wasacz
Investigation of Synthetic Pathways Using Methyl Salicylate and Menthol Isolated from Over-the-counter Topical Pain Creams

Jessica Krawec and Zachary Kudlak
On the Behavior of a System of Rational Difference Equations with Periodic Coefficients

James Liporace and Douglas Robinson
Antibiotic Resistance in Crow Nestling Cloaca Bacteria

Tyler LoMeli and Mike Daven
Building Block of Shade in Graph Theory

Kaeley Miller, James Moran, and Suparna Bhalla
Trans-Cinnamaldehyde Strongly Inhibits the Proliferation of both Cancerous HeLa Cells and Non-Cancerous L6 Cells, Resulting in Detrimental Morphological Changes

Jessica V. Mlinar and James Griesemer
Health Care Costs in the United States

Gabriela Murphy-Goldberg and Carl Hoegler
Comparative Efficacy of Protease Inhibitors in Preserving Protein Lysates

Jeremias Ramos and Rezaul Hossain
The Cost and Benefits of Immigrant Population on the U.S. Economy

Amy Rice and Peter Witkowsky
Project: Writing Center

Michael Sousa and Suparna Bhalla
Determining the Effect of Ellagic Acid on L6 and HeLa cell lines in vitro

Michael Sousa and James Moran
Development of Antibody-based Detection Methods for OxyVita Blood Substitute

Alyssa Watkins and Colleen Kirk
The Effect of Gender and Age on the Perceived Interactivity of Digital Textbooks

Stephanie Weaver and Daniel Shea
Women in Ireland

Nicole Zazzero and Rebecca Norman
Graphical Comprehension Among 3rd Grade Students

For more information on the Mount's SURE program, please contact Assistant Professor  James Moran of the Division of Natural Sciences at james.moran@msmc.edu

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