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Collaboration programs provide exceptional value

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You may know the education and degree program that you want now. Mount Saint Mary College can help you get there faster.

The Mount offers several collaborative academic programs for highly motivated students. You can earn a bachelor’s degree plus an advanced degree (master’s or doctoral) with a collaborating college or university.

Advanced degree programs can accelerate your education, reduce educational costs, and place you the most in-demand career fields of today and the future.

We offer collaboration programs in counseling, physical therapy, podiatry, publishing, and social work with other local schools like Fordham, Pace, and New York Medical College.

Collaboration programs mean that you’ll study at the Mount for 3-4 years, and then complete courses at the collaborating university for 2 or 3 years, depending on the degree. You'll save the time and educational costs of one to two years of study, and launch your career or further education with advanced credentials.

The Mount also offers 5-year programs within the college that allow you to earn a bachelor’s degree in four years, and a master’s degree in the fifth year in the accounting/MBA program, or the biology or chemistry major combined with the Master of Science in Adolescence Education.

Visit our Academic Programs site for the descriptions of all of our programs.