New academic programs offer new options

This fall, Mount Saint Mary College will offer two exciting new academic programs:

Technology and Digital Media
Pre-professional Physician's Assistant

Engineered for global growth in media trends and rapidly expanding healthcare needs, these programs will offer experiential, hands-on learning in the Mount’s sophisticated media studios and natural science laboratories.

Interdisciplinary Studies: Technology and Digital Media

The interdisciplinary studies list now includes the new technology and digital media program. This combined major allows you to develop creative skills, based on a solid theoretical foundation and technical experience, with a focus on hands-on experience in production skills.

The program will include courses in hardware and software, networking, digital imaging, digital film, nonlinear editing, interactive web design, and digital illustration.

Pre-Physician’s Assistant

Joining our selection of pre-professional programs is the new pre-physician’s assistant program. Like the pre-medical, pre-dental, and pre-veterinary tracks, the pre-PA is intended for students who plan to apply to a physician assistant graduate program.

The PA license allows one to perform any medical or surgical duties that are delegated to him/her by the physician. This usually involves working as part of a team in the big hospitals or being the only medical care provider in smaller, remote, and inner city clinics.

In addition, the Mount offers strong undergraduate degree programs and graduate degree programs in business, education, and nursing at our Newburgh campus. You can also choose to complete 5-year combined bachelor’s/master’s degree programs, or 5–7-year collaborative programs in counseling, physical therapy, publishing, podiatry, or social work. 

Visit the Mount, speak to our admissions and faculty members, and learn more about these and other exciting degree programs. 

Our first fall Open House is on Sunday, September 23, 2012. Register online!

We look forward to seeing you at the Mount!

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