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Mount Alumnus Reporting Live from Haiti

Enny Pichardo '06 Reporting from Haiti

Enny Pichardo '06, New York Correspondent, Nuestra Tele Noticias (NTN24)

Almost a month after graduating from Mount Saint Mary College in May of 2006, Enny Pichardo started working at NY1 Noticias, a 24-hour news station that covers New York City.

He started as a news writer and shortly after that learned how to produce. Enny was in charge of writing and editing the news stories, including the video feed, images and sound bites that accompany each news story.

Soon, Enny got a chance to do what he has dreamed about: a chance to report the news. His first reporting assignment started when we got a call in about a possible terrorist threat against JFK Airport. His boss, Maritz Puello, whom he considers a mentor and role model, called and asked, “Enny, are you ready for stardom?” According to Enny, “I ran up to the airport to find nothing!”

Soon after, he was sent to cover a wide variety of stories for their living segment. He also covered political debates and press conferences at New York City Hall, and crimes committed in the local area.

Enny said, “I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview many personalities and political leaders. Some of the most memorable people are Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Sen. Charles Schumer, Gov. David Paterson, Rep. Jose Serrano, Rep. Charles Rangel, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, salsa singers Eddie Palmieri, La India, Jerry Rivera, singers Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio Estefan, reggaeton group/duo 'Calle 13', Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, and actress Eva Longoria, among other Spanish-speaking actors/singers/TV personalities.”

Enny’s next big break came after he received a call from a friend asking if he could help another friend by contributing to a morning show on Nuestra Tele Noticias (NTN24). This is an exclusive 24/7 international news channel that provides world-wide news coverage in Spanish for the U.S. Hispanic audience. They also broadcast in Latin America and parts of the so-called ‘old world’. NTN24 needed someone to talk about the David Letterman case. Enny also assisted them by participating in a talk about the H1N1 Flu.

After assisting NTN24 on several occasions, he received a job offer to become NTN24’s New York correspondent. Created by RCN Television, the network has 30-minute news segments, two '1 hour' newscasts and programming related to the economy, entertainment, sports, weather and breaking news around the world. Its major competitor is CNN en Espanol.

According to Enny, “NTN24 has given me the opportunity to travel. I've been in Haiti twice to cover the earthquake. The first time, five days after the earthquake, not only did I get to do many live transmissions and news stories, but I also got to see with my own eyes what was really going on. There is so much destruction, so many deaths: from children to the elderly and so much poverty. It amazed me that they need things that here in America, we get rid of. It really made me appreciate what God has given me”.

The second time he was sent to Haiti (3 months after the earthquake), NTN24 decided to do a half-hour special that Enny hosted called Haiti: 100 dias despues (Haiti: 100 days later). Enny found Haiti still in turmoil. "People were still sleeping outside, hungry and in desperate need," said Enny. "The children are not going to school, they don't have a place to sleep, or they are by themselves because they lost their parents."

More recently, Enny went to Arizona to cover the recent approval of the SB1070 law regarding immigration. Enny also had the opportunity to cover the Dalai Lama’s visit to the United States and President Obama’s visit to New York City.

Enny stated, “Mount Saint Mary College prepared me very well for the real world. From Sr. Catherine's news writing class to classes with JC Barone and Dr. Davidson, they all had a hand in preparing me for the workforce. I will never forget Dr. Davidson's class on English grammar. I always remember to write simple, short sentences rather than long ones!"

"The things I've learned at the Mount have helped me become who I am today, a person who has grown up both spiritually and professionally. When I decided to leave City College of New York and transfer to Mount Saint Mary College as a HEOP (Higher Education Opportunity Program) student, I was unsure of my decision. However, I am so glad that I made the leap. At Mount Saint Mary College I found a place with close student-faculty interaction. It allowed me to develop a close relationship with my professors and ask for advice when needed. This allowed me to reach my full potential as a student. I would not change my experience at the Mount for anything in the world.”

Enny Pichardo '06 with Cameraman

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