High school students get a sneak peek at Mount Saint Mary College

August 20, 2012

Newburgh, N.Y. -

(From left) Alaina Neddermann of Prospect, CT, visited Mount Saint Mary College to explore a career in nursing. High school junior Kerry Kennedy and her father, Newburgh Rowing Club coach Ed Kennedy, learn about Mount Saint Mary College’s sociology program. Samantha Ray, a resident of Newburgh, NY, is interested in Mount Saint Mary College’s pre-law programs. Brandon P. McCammit of Philadelphia, PA, enjoyed exploring Mount Saint Mary College’s opportunities in political science.

High school students from the Northeast and beyond are jumpstarting their college searches with fun and informative events: like barbecue lunches at Mount Saint Mary College.

By meeting with current Mount students, faculty, coaches, financial aid experts, and admissions staff, students and their families learn about the diverse array of majors, courses, and athletic opportunities offered by the college.

Tours of the campus, led by student ambassadors, showcase residence halls, classrooms, and the college’s breathtaking views of the Hudson River.

“I think it’s beautiful,” said Alaina Neddermann of Prospect, CT, who is interested in a nursing career.

At the Mount, 40 percent of freshmen aim for health professions. The college’s nationally accredited four year nursing degree program features high-tech simulator labs, hands on clinical experience, and an NCLEX pass rate that consistently outperforms the state average. The RN to BSN program leverages experience in a blended online course with interactive modules and only one day per week in class.

Psychology and other social sciences are also high on students’ lists of academic interests. For example, Newburgh Free Academy junior Kerry Kennedy came to explore Mount’s sociology program.

“I really enjoyed visiting and speaking with the friendly, informative staff,” she said.

Enhancing their coursework in social sciences, Mount students are able to participate in real-world experiences with the Center for Adolescent Research and Development, the Center on Aging and Policy, and the Aging United Student Organization.

Brandon P. McCammit of Philadelphia, PA, recently discovered the college’s opportunities in political science.

In Mount Saint Mary College’s history/political science program, students receive a strong foundation in research techniques, theories, analytical skills, and using statistical software to complete quantitative research: a highly marketable skill.

The Mount also offers comprehensive areas of study in communication, language arts, math, information technology, philosophy, and religion.

In addition, an innovative new interdisciplinary major, technology and digital media, combines courses in math, technology and communications to ready Mount Saint Mary College students for a host of exciting career opportunities.