Math Online Assessment (ALEKS)

Interpreting Test Results

Immediately after completing the ALEKS assessment, you will be shown a pie chart that indicates your percentage score on the ALEKS assessment.

What math course am I eligible to take?

Please check the chart below to determine what math course you are eligible to take:

Course #Course NameMin. ScoreRange 


Elementary Functions
Elementary Statistic
Excursions in Math 1
Excursions in Math 2
Investigating Contemporary Issues Using Mathematics and Technology

MTH0150Algebra (0 credits)30%30-44
MTH0110Basic Math (0 credits) 0-29


Please see the MSMC Undergraduate Catalog for descriptions of these courses

To summarize, students must achieve a score of 75% or greater to place into Calculus I, 61% or greater to place into Precalculus, and 45% is the minimum score to place into any credit-bearing math course.

Do you wish to retake the ALEKS assessment to try to improve your score?

You will have a total of three attempts to take the ALEKS assessment, and you must wait a minimum of 48 hours between assessments. If you plan to retake the assessment, you will have to spend a minimum of three hours in the Prep and Learning Module through ALEKS between assessments. Login to ALEKS to begin using the module.

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