Academic Testing

TEAS Testing Policies

Late Arrivals

It is essential that students report to the college promptly on the day they take their academic tests.

Examinees who miss any of the examinations, will need to return on another testing day and complete the battery of tests.

Communication Devices

Consistent with the policy implemented by the New York State Education Department, electronic communication devices may not be in use while academic tests are being taken. Such devices include, but are not limited to, cell phones, CD and audiocassette players, pagers, MP3 players, video devices and associated headphones, headsets, microphones, or earplugs.

If any communication devices or related technology are used during the administration of academic tests, the test will be invalidated and no score will be reported for that examination.

Questions about the College’s academic testing program may be addressed to the Office of Student Success by emailing or calling 845-569-3177.

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