Department Information


Every department relies upon student workers to lend support to the numerous tasks that help make our campus run. The Financial Aid Office serves as the central resource or "personnel office" for student employment. All hires of Work-Study students must go through the Financial Aid Office.

A special note about work-study

As a result of a reduction in student jobs during spring 2012 and an increase in the number of students eligible for work-study, there are fewer positions available. Check your award letter (that can be accessed at by logging into the web portal and selecting the finance tab) to see if you are eligible for Federal Work Study.

Hiring a Student: the Process

The upcoming academic year's placement process begins in June with each department's review of its job descriptions. Departments can get in contact with to have job descriptions updated. In addition, at the perogative of the supervisor, positions can be designated as interview or instant meet/greet hire. Supervisors are strongly encouraged to keep their job descriptions up-to-date and reflective of the work that is performed by students.

The Office of Financial Aid Office holds an upper-class pre-registration during the two weeks before fall semester begins for those students returning to the College in the next academic year who are eligible for work-study. This process gives the returning students priority. The deadline is September 4, 2012.

Departments will be able to access a list of students who requested job department return during pre-registration through their Then, they will have the opportunity to contact students and make necessary changes, deleting and adding names to finalize the list. Any job vacancies that exist after this point will be filled with incoming freshmen students who (freshmen or transfer students who have been awarded work-study) or post again in the spring.

Note: All placements made by the Financial Aid Office are actually "referrals" for the department to approve or disapprove. It is up to the department to determine whether or not the student has the necessary skills, appropriate schedule, etc. to do the job.

Creating New Jobs

A department's allocation of student employment positions is set as part of the student employment budget process. Departments may choose to hire additional student employees for special projects or assignments using their own departmental funds or grant funds. Please contact the Office of Human Resources to ask the policy on hiring student employees using the departmental budget process.

Supervising student employees

Proper supervision of student employees is primarily the responsibility of the supervisor in the department. Supervisory responsibilities include managing student time cards, preparing, writing and/or updating job descriptions on an annual basis, communicating job expectations to student employees, evaluating job performance, and taking disciplinary action, when warranted.