Office of Student Success

Spring 2017 Events

Students are invited to the following events in the Spring 2017 semester.

Visions for a Successful Semester
Wednesday, January 25, 7 pm, DC 218
FYE Approved Academic Success Event
Had a great first semester and want to keep that momentum going? Didn’t perform quite as well as you had hoped last semester and want to get on track? Through guided reflection and the use of vision boards, you will be able to identify areas of improvement and envision the steps required to make the spring a great semester!

Am I Stressed or Am I Anxious?
Thursday, February 2, 4 pm and 7 pm, Aquinas 109
FYE Approved College Life Event
It is often hard for college students to identify how they are feeling, especially during busy times in the semester. The words "stressed" and "anxious" are often used to describe these feelings, but most students don’t actually know the difference. At this program, Counseling Services and The Office of Student Success will help you learn the difference between stress and anxiety, ways to cope with each, and the resources on campus that are here to assist you. There will also be an assessment that will help students identify if they are experiencing any type of stress or anxiety.

Advocate for Success
Tuesday, February 7, 4 pm
FYE Approved Academic Success Event
Knowing what you need to be successful and being able to say it to the people who need to hear it can be challenging for any student. During this program, you will develop new skills to help you determine your wants and needs, and learn how to ask for and get what you need to excel at the Mount and beyond!

Professors are People, Too: Learning How to Build Relationships with Faculty
Thursday, February 9, 4-5 pm, Aquinas 100
FYE Approved Academic Success Event
On average, students will take classes with approximately 30-40 different professors during their undergraduate career. Building professional relationships with your professors can not only be beneficial to your success during the semester, but also after you graduate. At this program, professors from various departments will offer advice on how to break the ice and form working relationships in order to have the best educational experience possible.

The Importance of Advising and Benefits of Summer Classes
Thursday, March 2, 7 pm, Aquinas 100 and Monday, March 6, 4 pm
FYE Approved Academic Success Event
Even though you may have been through the advising process before, a little refresher couldn’t hurt! Meetings with your advisor are important to ensure you are on track academically each semester, so come learn ways to make your meeting as effective as possible. An overview of the summer class registration process will also be provided.

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