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Sophomores: Survive and Succeed!

September 10, 2014 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Aquinas Hall

The "Now what?" for making the most of your next three years.

Sophomores: Be a part of this Career Center-sponsored series of power sessions that will help you make the most of the next six semesters. Learn how to take advantage of all the resources that the College can offer you now. Register online now!

Representatives from all areas of student life and academics will be running 25-minute sessions to talk about topics like study abroad, internships, graduate school, student research, volunteering, and more.

These sessions are designed to inform and inspire you to make the best use of your time at college this semester, and over the next two years. So join us in Aquinas Hall for these sessions that will make a difference in your college experience.

Questions? Please contact the Career Center at 845-569-3175.

Session Topics

Volunteerism and Community Services: Help Others, Help Yourself
Presenter: Fr. Francis Amodio, O.Carm., Chaplain, Director of Campus Ministry
Campus Ministry offers many opportunities for you to help others. Enrich your life through local and national faith-based service programs. Hear about the many College volunteer and service opportunities, including Alternative Spring Break, and find one that fits your skills, interests, and social concerns and allows you to grow personally, spiritually, and professionally. Consider your options for doing a year of service after graduation while exploring how you can become more involved now!

The Major Decision: Discovery, Passion, and Your Dream Career
Presenters: Megan Morrissey, Academic Coach and Advisor, Center for Student Success; Pat Duffy, Academic Coach and Advisor, Center for Student Success
In this interactive session, you will learn how to select a major that aligns with your personal strengths and life’s purpose. Identifying areas where you are performing positively, in and/or out of class, and exploring your personal strengths will assist you in setting goals and reaching success in work and in life. This is the ideal session for you if you haven’t declared a major or if you aren’t sure you chose the right major.

Pre-Gaming for Your Career
Presenter: Ellen Bourhis Nolan, Director Career Development, Career Center
Not sure what types of jobs or careers your major is preparing you for? Want to know what else is out there for you? Learn how to identify careers and jobs based on your particular interests, skills, and values. Appropriate for students who may want to learn about career options in or related to their major field of study or outside interests.

Campus Leadership = Career and Life Success
Presenters: Sandra Cefaloni-Henderson, Director, Student Activities Office; Caitlin Houlihan, Assistant Director, Student Activities Office; Himali Pandya, Leadership Development Coach
Explore ways that student leadership at the Mount will enhance your post-graduate opportunities. In an ever-competitive job market, your campus involvement WILL make the difference on your resume that may catch the eye of potential employers. Come participate in an interactive presentation with Student Affairs staff regarding leadership opportunities. Develop the transferable skills needed to confidently navigate through difficult life and career situations! Please note: Students do not already have to be involved on campus as a student leader to participate in this session.

The Future is Closer Than You Think: Preparing for Graduate School
Presenter: Marie-Therese C. Sulit, Associate Professor of English
Know the application process for most graduate and professional school programs: taking entrance exams, compiling your portfolio, and preparing for interviews. Learn strategies for cultivating professor and student mentoring situations and developing written and spoken communication skills. Get to know the resources that are available to you now at the Mount as you prepare for the next step in your professional journey.

Study Abroad for Nursing, Education, and Pre-Professional Majors – Yes, you can do it!
Presenter: Emily Marmo, Director of International Programs
Study abroad can be a reality for all majors! This session will cover the application process, financial aid, academic course approval, and deadlines and explore programs suited to your interests and area of study. See the world: We’ll show you how to make it happen!

See the World – Study Abroad!
Presenter: Emily Marmo, Director of International Programs
Discover all the benefits of studying abroad and how it fits in with your program of study and with you as an individual. The world awaits you and we can help you get there. This session will cover choosing the right program for you, the application process, financial aid, academic course approval, and deadlines. Study abroad will open doors for you, and open your mind to new ideas. See the world!

Decision Making and Goal Setting
Presenter: Dr. Orin Strauchler, Director of Counseling
Do you know what you want to do with your life? Do you have difficulty making decisions about your future? This session will help you better identify and organize your values and priorities so you can set more effective academic, career, and personal goals.

Co-ops and Internships: Start Working Toward Your Dream Job Now!
Presenters: Janet Zeman, Executive Director, Career Center; Robin Rosenberg, Coordinator, Co-Ops and Internships, Career Center
Co-ops and internships provide you with valuable experience and important professional skills. Explore work in your major field of study. This session will cover everything from how to get started to how to make the most of your internship.

The SURE Program: Summer Research for Every Major at the Mount
Presenters: Current and Past SURE students
Moderator: James Moran, Associate Professor of Biology

Hear directly from students who have participated in the paid SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience) program at the Mount. SURE students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members, conduct original research projects, and present their results at local and regional conferences. This can significantly bolster your resume and offer you a competitive advantage with employers and post-graduate programs. Who should attend? Students interested in conducting research in any discipline offered at the Mount.

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