Student Financial Services

Tuition and Fees 2016-2017


Full-time Traditional: Freshmen, Transfers (entered fall 2016)Cost
 Flat rate between 12 and 16 credits $14,024 per semester
 $28,050 annually
Less than 12 credits or more than 16 credits      $935 per credit
Returning and Nontraditional Students
(entered prior to fall 2013)
Undergraduate (entered prior to 2013)     $935 per credit
Adult Degree Completion discount     $711 per credit

  Blended Summer-Traditional Student
  Blended online RN-BSN
  ORMC Discount rate

      $711 per credit 
      $632 per credit
      $650 per credit

West Point / Stewart reduced rate & online
Military on-campus Adult Program
25% contract discount

     $250 per credit
    $575 per credit
    $650 per credit

25% Discount rate (alumni, contract, student teaching schools, military)

    $750 per credit

    $563 per credit

General fee, per semester
   Full-time student
   Part-time student and nontraditional

New Student Fee      $225
Laundry Fee, per semester       $35
Application Fee       $45
Returned Check       $25
Drop fee, per drop       $10
Late Payment Fee      $200
Undergraduate RoomCost
Regular room  $4,085 per semester
  $8,170 annually
Single room  $4,563 per semester
  $9,126 annually
Early move in fee $50/day
          Undergraduate Board (Meal Plan)                   Cost
Standard Board   $2,967 per semester
  $5,934 annually
Elmwood and Senior Board  $2,367 per semester
  $4,734 annually
Graduate Room and Board                   Cost
Room   $4,563 per semester
Board  $2,367 per semester
Room & Board  $6,930 per semester
Room & Board$13,860 annually
Military Room

    $875 per month
 $4,375 per semester
 $1,750 per summer
 (includes $500 fall/spring flex dollars)


Note: Full-time status is defined as taking 12 or more credits per semester. Rates are effective beginning with fall semester 2016 and Accelerated Session C 2016. Rate increase: 3% tuition; 2% room & board. 

*Mount Alumni: We're offering a 25% reduction on graduate tuition for students who earned a bachelor's degree from the Mount (with the exception of 5-year bachelor's/master's degree students on scholarship.) Come back to the Mount for a graduate degree, save money, and improve your range of possibilities in a competitive job market.

These figures were updated in March 2016, and were accurate at that time.

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