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Emily Amodeo

Mount Alumna


Marlborough (Images of America)
Emily Amodeo, Joanne Sagarese Pagnotta, James B. Cosgrove
Arcadia Publishing, 2012
Nestled on the west bank of the Hudson River between the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Mid-Hudson Bridge and the Hamilton Fish Newburgh-Beacon Bridge lies the enchanting town of Marlborough, New York. Although many residents appreciate its proximity to New York City, Marlborough remains a largely rural community. Residents of Marlborough value their history, small businesses, schools, religion, farms, and scenic surroundings. In Marlborough, learn about the town that served as an inspiration for Alfred H. Maurer and George Inness, members of the mid-19th-century Hudson River School of Art, and was called home by world-famous type designer Frederic Goudy from 1924 until his death in 1947.