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Mary Hinton

Mary Hinton Vice President for Academic Affairs
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The commercial church: Black churches and the new religious marketplace in America
Mary Hinton
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2011. First Edition.

Chapter Title: The vocational cycle to support institutional justice: a pathway for scholars of color to transform institutional life and governance
Mary Hinton
Book Title:  Teaching for a culturally diverse and racially just world
Editor:  Eleazar Fernandez
Wipf and Stock, [forthcoming]

Chapter Title: Leading historically Black congregations
Mary Hinton
Book Title: Religious leadership
Editor: Sharon Henderson Callahan
Sage, 2013

Saying grace: exploring the relationship between food, spiritual disciplines, and religious education
Mary Hinton
Lexington Books, [under contract]


Community college campuses provide an accurate reflection of diversity?
Mary Hinton, Patrick Sanaghan, and Steve Riccio
Inside Higher Ed, March 20, 2013

Why is change so difficult?
Mary Hinton, Patrick Sanaghan, and Steve Riccio
Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, v29, n3, March 15, 2012