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Library Events

iROC: Megabit Learning in a Gigabit World

Feb 04

12:45 PM - 1:45 PM
DC Cafe

Stephen Cheskiewicz

Megabit Learning in a Gigabit World

iROC - Investigating Research on Campus

Please be with us on February 4th for the kick-off of the Spring 2016 iROC series when Stephen Cheskiewicz, Assistant Professor of Information Technology in MSMC’s Division of Math and IT, will present Megabit Learning in a Gigabit World.

In the rapidly advancing world of computer science (CS) and information and communications technology (ICT) it is imperative that institutions maintain the cutting edge programs required to be effective and that students have come to expect. Is a failure of institutions to “keep up” to blame for problematic student persistence and shortages of qualified CS and ICT professionals? The way students perceive the learning process and their choice of careers in the technology field is dramatically changing.

Dr. Cheskiewicz originally presented this work at the Tenth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society in Madrid, Spain.

Stephen Cheskiewicz is Assistant Professor of Information Technology in the Division of Math & Information Technology at MSMC. Dr. Cheskiewicz has worked in the field of higher education for over 20 years in both senior administrative and faculty positions. He holds a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology, and a Doctor of Education in Educational Technology from Wilkes University. His scholarship focuses on a better understanding of student retention and persistence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) academic programs.


For more information about this or any of the iROC presentations, or to volunteer as or recommend an iROC speaker, please contact the coordinators of the iROC program - Dr. Doug Robinson, Assistant Professor of Biology, 845-569-3648, douglas.robinson@msmc.edu or Barbara Petruzzelli, Director of the Library, 845-569-3601, barbara.petruzzelli@msmc.edu.

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