Library Events

Library Events

iROC: Objectivism, Atheism and Service

Apr 20

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Kaplan Library Rm 218

Objectivism, Atheism and Service: An impossible alliance?

iROC - Investigating Research on Campus

Please be with us Thursday, April 20th when Dean Goldberg, MSMC's Division of Arts and Letters, will present Objectivism, Atheism and Service: An impossible alliance?.

During this iROC presentation, Professor Goldberg will discuss Ayn Rand’s objectivist philosophy as well as provide a short history of Atheism and discuss the proposition that service to others need not be in conflict with these two convictions. Research on this topic stems from Professor Goldber's working with the underserved in Newburgh, NY. Through this research, lectures and firsthand experience, Professor Goldberg intends on writing a book on the catholic educational experience through the eyes of a secularist and atheist. 

Dean Goldberg is Associate Professor of Communication Arts. Professor Goldberg received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Hunter College and a Master of Fine Arts from Goddard College. He began his professional life working for well-known New York democratic political consultant, David Sawyer. As a film editor, then producer/ director, he was involved with more than 50 national campaigns, including races for Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator John Glenn, Senator Frank Lautenberg, Governor Jim Hunt, and Mayor Kevin White. During the 90s he wrote and directed television episodes for "Missing Reward," "Hard Copy," "A Current Affair," and many other shows featuring dramatic recreations. Professor Goldberg writes regularly for Student Filmmaker Magazine as well as being a published poet.

Objectivism, Atheism and Service: An impossible alliance? will take place in Kaplan Library Room 218 of the Dominican Center. This event has been approved FYE credit as College Connection. Light refreshments will be served. We hope to see you there!

For more information about this or any of the iROC presentations, or to volunteer as or recommend an iROC speaker, please contact the coordinators of the iROC program - Dr. Evan Merkhofer, Assistant Professor of Biology, 845-569-3368, evan.merkhofer@msmc.edu or Jen Park, Assistant Librarian for Access and Outreach Services, 845-569-3546, jen.park@msmc.edu.

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