Business Faculty

Moira Tolan

Professor of Business; Graduate Program Coordinator


Doctor of Philosophy, State University at Albany
Master of Business Adminstration, Iona College
Bachelor of Business Administration, Iona College

Office: Aquinas Hall, Room 200
Office Hours:  T/TH from 1–2:30 pm.
Phone:  845-569-3288


BUS 2080 – International Marketing
MGT 5060 – Marketing Management
BUS 4030 – Marketing Management (Hybrid)
MGT 6600 – Research Seminar in Planning and Implementation of Business Policy
MGT 6074 – Products and Promotions


During Professor Tolan's early career, she worked for eight years in marketing for Burroughs, Unisys and Standard Register, selling custom business forms and financial equipment to financial firms in New York’s financial district. She achieved the 100 Plus Club in each year that she was eligible, a prestigious recognition that annual quotas had been exceeded.

For the past 16 years, Professor Tolan has taught marketing and management courses in the business division at Mount Saint Mary College, for 3 years as an adjunct and another 13 as a full-time faculty member. She is currently an Associate Professor of Business at the college.

Professor Tolan's area of specialization is management education and her research has been in the area of service learning and its relationship to organizational citizenship behaviors.

Currently, she is working on an ongoing project that involves the assessment of the career expectations and workplace values of “New Millennial” students. She has published this work and has presented it at multiple conferences. Professor Tolan is also conducting research that is designed to improve the ways that business students are taught about the environment so that they might take active roles in promoting environmental sustainability in the workplace.

Professor Tolan resides with her husband and six of her seven children in Brewster, New York. She enjoys reading, running, tennis, gardening, and listening to music.

Instructor’s Expectations

A priority of Professor Tolan's has been to develop a lifelong love of learning in her students so that after a particular course is over, they will have refined many of the skills that are necessary for the attainment and expression of knowledge.

A continual focus on the development of reading and writing skills and the use of technology as a learning facilitator helps her to achieve her goals. She also emphasizes each topic’s relevance to contemporary society in order to build enthusiasm for the subject matter. Students are encouraged to actively participate in all of her classes.

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