Natural Science Faculty

Carl Hoegler

Professor of Biology


Doctor of Philosophy, Fordham University
Master of Science, Fordham University
Bachelor of Science, Manhattan College

Office: Aquinas Hall, Room 250-G
Office Hours: Monday 7-8:30 pm, Friday 2-4 pm
Phone: 845-569-3391


BIO 1030 Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO 3010 Animal Physiology


Professor Hoegler has been interested in science since childhood. He continued his studies in graduate biology, initially spending his time on the metabolism of protozoa and an exotic stalked bacterium called Caulobacter.

Later in graduate school, after enrolling in some courses in psychology, Professor Hoegler became interested in learning in experimental invertebrates. It was then that he was introduced to a “living fossil” known as the horseshoe crab, which has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of millions of years. He was intrigued about whether the regulation of its heart was similar to that found in more recently evolved species. Thus, he spent his doctoral years recording from regulatory nerves connected to its tubular heart.

Professor Hoegler continued post-graduate work at New York Medical College, studying the physiology of hearts and blood vessels in vertebrates. At Mount Saint Mary College, he teaches courses in physiology and developmental biology. As a strong advocate for inquiry-based collaborative and hands-on laboratory learning, he continues working on experimental projects with students. Last year he mentored a student project dealing with the effects of herbicides on head regeneration in flatworms.

He continues to collaborate with researchers at New York Medical College.

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