Academic Enrichment

Research at the Mount

With more Mount students involved in independent and faculty-mentored research each year, the College has taken an active, innovative role in the educational research community. 

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

Through the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE), Mount faculty act as mentors to Mount students over the summer, in subjects such as science, mathematics, education, psychology, the arts, business, and more. 

Students apply for paid research positions with faculty mentos for either 5- or 10-week summer sessions. If chose for the program, student work closely with faculty members to conduct a research project.

The initial sessions offered natural science majors the chance to work with faculty members to conduct scholarly research projects. 

Now this popular program has expanded. Students in all majors participate in SURE, in research areas such as psychology, history, literature, education, healthcare, literacy, international atudies, and math, in addition to the sciences. 

Each spring, students apply for paid research positions with faculty mentors for either 5- or 10-week summer sessions. If chosen for the program, students work closely with faculty members to conduct their research projects.

Here's a sampling of research projects, which students presented at a symposium at the College in September.

  • Creative Economic Development in the Hudson Valley
  • An Observational Study of the Forest Understory at the Mohonk Preserves
  • Brand Authenticity and Psychological Ownership
  • Facilitating Active Engagement with Web 2.0 Technology
  • Using Nanoparticles as a Catalyst in the Oxidation of 2-Butanol
  • The "Sound" of Music: The Significance of Songs and Meaning of Songs and Poetry in 16th and 17th Century Boys' Plays
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • A Study of Physalis longifolia and Related Physalis species and Their Potent Anticancerous Activity
  • A Case Study:Psychological Ownership in Constituents of a Not for Profit Organization
  • Health Assessment of Mount Saint Mary College
  • iPadagogy: The Expanding Use of iPads in the Classroom
  • A New Analysis For Iron and Spinach Using Microwave Digestion and Spectroscopic Analysis
  • Filipino American Literature: Exploring the Influences of Carlos Bulosan, Manuel Buaken and Jessica Hagedorn
  • Literacy Conversations
  • Using Internet Discussion Boards to Explore Pregnant Women's Decision Making
  • Literary and Aesthetic Traditions in Ireland