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Studying history provides access to the whole world; not just to the past, but to the present that grew out of the past. The study of history equips students with analytical skills and research techniques of great practical value in both educational and career settings. The program is designed to acquaint students with different ages, societies and cultures, and to develop their strengths in writing and thinking.

History at the Mount

In organizing the curriculum, our distinguished faculty has provided students with a broad knowledge of history and a firm foundation for graduate school or careers in business, government service, law, and education. Practice and theory are linked through internships at the many historical sites available to us in the Hudson Valley.

Related Programs

Minor in History: Students who minor in history must take 18 credits in the discipline. Three credits may be in political science and at least nine of the credits must be in courses at the 3000 or 4000 level.

Career Options

College professor, lawyer, archivist, elementary school teacher, high school teacher, law enforcement officer, government official, foreign service agent, state department analyst, politician, journalist, stock broker, corporate records manager, political pundit, bank manager, historical site manager, museum curator, military officer, and many other options.

Visit the American Historical Association's page on Careers for History majors.

Please contact the Office of Adult Degree Completion at 845-569-3223, or email with any questions, or for further information.

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