Community Education

Speaker Series

Join us for our Speaker Series at Desmond Campus

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor
The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor is located in New Windsor. It commemorates the extraordinary sacrifices of America’s servicemen and servicewomen who were killed or wounded in action. Learn how the memorial came about, and the mission to collect and preserve the stories of Purple Heart recipients.
Tues., Feb. 10 1-2 pm P. Bedrossian Fee: $15, Snow date Feb. 17

Living with a Star
The sun is the star in our neighborhood. It has always been a part of the human story – our daily lives, the annual cycle of the seasons, and a significant part of our pre-history. We cannot live without it, and, at times, we can’t live with it! Learn how we study the sun, how does it work, how old is it, and how long will it last. What is the eleven-year cycle of sun spots? What are solar flares and solar wind? How does the sun spawn the auroras high in our atmosphere as well as other “space weather” effects here on Earth. Why do we have to be concerned?
Thurs., Feb. 19 1-3 pm C. Holmes Fee: $15, Snow date Feb. 26

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