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FDR and the Post Office
Franklin D. Roosevelt's interest in the Post Office came at a young age as family members regularly sent him foreign postage stamps while engaged in trade overseas. He embraced the hobby as a means to bolster his interest in geography and world history by documenting various facts related to each stamp's origin, and its significance to the issuing country's heritage. Upon being elected President of the United States, Roosevelt appointed his campaign manager and longtime ally James Farley to the position of Postmaster General. The appointment and partnership between the lifetime stamp enthusiast and savvy businessman would forever change the face of both stamp collecting and the Post Office Department.
Monday, September 26, 10 am-Noon, A. Musso, Fee: $15

Prudence Crandall - A Teacher Ahead of Her Time
Prudence Crandall was a teacher who opened a school for girls in Canterbury, Connecticut in 1831 to educate daughters of wealthy local families. The school was very successful until the following fall when she admitted Sarah Harris, a 20-year-old black woman. Learn about this courageous teacher and advocate of education for all people, who bucked the prejudices of her time.
Thursday, October 13, 1-3 pm, B. Crandall, Fee: $10

Women in Iran
Photographer Susan Sprachman and her husband author Paul Sprachman present this talk that shows the topography and cities and villages and how women adapt the covering rules based on tradition, modernity, and their own sense of style. Brought into the discussion are 2 books that Paul translated: one a memoir of a strong woman who came of age during the Iran Iraq war; the other a novel about a young woman caught between two men, both of whom are equally products of the system.
Friday, October 14, 1-3 pm, S. and P. Sprachman, Fee: $15

The Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty was dedicated 130 years ago this week - October 28, 1886 - after more than 20 years of planning, fundraising, and construction. Learn how she was built and what she symbolizes, and about some of the people involved in her creation, including sculptor Frederic Bartholdi, engineer Gustave Eiffel, architect Richard Morris Hunt, and newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer. The program concludes with brief histories of Ellis Island and Liberty State Park. The slide show includes original photography of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and New York Harbor views, plus vintage images of historic people, places, and events.
Monday, October 24, 10 am-Noon, K. Woyce, Fee: $15

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