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Production - Media Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies
Concentration in Production


The Media Studies major prepares students for careers in the multimedia communications fields. Media students can choose from two concentrations: Production or Journalism.

The Media Studies/jJournalism concentration emphasizes writing for print, digital, and broadcast media.The Media Studies / Production major/concentration includes digital production skills with an emphasis on video and audio production, writing for television, film, radio and the new techniques and creative strategies Internet distribution.

Both concentrations emphasize writing, thinking, and the oral skills necessary for success in the media professions.

Media Studies at the Mount

The Media Studies major offers students close personal mentoring. Students have many opportunities to collaborate with faculty on media projects for local media and national distribution outlets. Internships help students refine and expand professional skills. Senior thesis projects provide important portfolio samples of professional competence.

Our internship program is the first step in getting real hands-on experience in the field and has been a stepping stone for successful employment.

The above video about Mount Saint Mary College was produced by students in the the Mount's Media Studies program. Produced/directed/edited by Lauren Parelli with assistance from Erin Goode, Robert Petrarca, Brian Laurentiev, Rachel Sangalli, and Victoria Wresilo. Music by GMP Music.

Program Requirements

The Media Studies major is 39 credits following the successful completion of ENG 1010 and ENG 1020 or their equivalent. A GPA of 2.0 or better is required in CMA 2020 to continue in the major. A GPA of 2.0 in the major is required.

Where Mount Students Have Interned

Recent student internships include WABC TV Sports, the Today show, MTV Networks, the New York Mets, Orange County Choppers, Cablevision, MSG Varsity, CBS 48 Hours, Time Warner Cable, Fox News and Warner Music Group. Mount students have worked at varied companies such as Cumulus Radio, Clear Channel Communications, Pamal Broadcasting, Actors Movement Studio, Team Productions/BMW Group Studios and the Ellenbogen Group, as well as production crew positions for independent feature films throughout the Hudson Valley. Our internship program is the first step in getting real hands on experience in the field and has been a stepping stone for successful employment.

Career Options

Career opportunities include: positions in television, film and video production, web-based creative companies, radio, advertising, and feature film production.

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