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Pre-Physical Therapy / Psychology

Early Acceptance program with New York Medical College 
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the Mount (4-year)
Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York Medical College


Modern physical therapists are prepared to treat patients ranging in age from infants to the elderly. Their work is performed in settings as diverse as outpatient clinics, schools, and specialized departments within hospitals.

Within the context of today’s health care system, physical therapists are specialized in examining and treating individuals with impairment of their daily lives as a result of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular problems.To prepare for the demands of such a profession, students must attend a postgraduate program in Physical Therapy. Upon successful completion of that program, they are required to pass a national examination and be licensed in the state in which they wish to practice.

Pre-Physical Therapy / Psychology at the Mount

The Pre-Physical Therapy program at the Mount prepares students for graduate study in Physical Therapy (Doctor of Physical Therapy, or DPT).

Eligible students will spend four years at the Mount, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and completing a Pre-Physical Therapy course of studies. Students can then apply for admission to graduate PT programs.

Early Acceptance with New York Medical College

Students who complete the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the Mount and take the required courses for the Physical Therapy program at New York Medical College may be eligible for early acceptance to NYMC. (See Program Requirements, below).

Program Requirements

Students take the following pre-requisite courses during their four years of study at the Mount:

  • Three courses in Biology, including Human Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 1030 & BIO 1040 and one upper-level course in Biology: Microbiology or Pathophysiology)
  • Two courses in Chemistry (CHM 1050 & CHM 1060 with lab)
  • Two courses in Physics (PHY 1010 & PHY 1020 with lab)
  • Two courses in Psychology 
  • One course in Mathematics
  • One course in Statistics

The remaining course requirements are those for the bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

To be eligible for the Early Acceptance agreement with NYMC, students must:

  • Take all pre-requisite courses at the Mount (making early acceptance not an option for transfer students).
  • Receive only one grade lower than a B-; and no grade lower than a C+ (so only one C+ permitted for Early Admissions).
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.2 in their senior year (no repeat coursework permitted in calculation for early acceptance track).
  • Take the GRE.

After these requirements are met, the student then applies and interviews for early acceptance to the Physical Therapy program at NYMC.

Please keep in mind that these requirements are for early acceptance to NYMC, for those students who do not plan to apply to any other school via early admission. Students who do not meet these criteria are still able to apply for "regular" admission to NYMC or any other PT program. Many students opt to apply for a range of graduate PT programs.

Where Mount Students have Interned

Physical therapy offices in the region, local hospitals and facilities dealing with physical therapy patients.

Career Options

The Pre-Physical Therapy program at the Mount is designed to prepare students for admittance into postgraduate programs in Physical Therapy.

Employment of physical therapists is projected to grow 36 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations. Demand for physical therapy services will come from the aging baby boomers, who are staying active later in life. In addition, physical therapists will be needed to treat people with mobility issues stemming from chronic conditions, such as diabetes or obesity.*

*US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, March 2015

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