Mount Value

Mount Saint Mary College value is the difference between a college degree and the educational experience of a lifetime.

Educational and experiential value is built in our student life, our study abroad and internship programs, our sports and clubs, our community service, and extraordinary student-faculty interaction. Here's where you'll find the Mount's inherent value: 

Academic programs.  The Mount offers strong undergraduate and graduate programs. Our collaboration programs offer the ability to combine a bachelor's degree with an advanced degree in 3:2 and 3:3 programs with schools like Pace and Fordham University. The Mount also offers a 5-year bachelor's degree plus MBA or MS in Ed in a 5-year program.

Affordability.  The Mount offers a competitive private college tuition. More than 94% of our students currently receive financial aid.

Community.  You'll hear a lot about the Mount community. It's a caring, personal one. Students, staff and faculty work together to improve the lives of the economically disadvantaged, of US troops overseas, of children, of the mentally and physically ill, and for people who've lost everything to disaster.

Facilities. The Mount’s commitment to growth and renovation shows in our campus buildings, like the Kaplan Family Mathematics, Science and Technology Center and our renovated dorms.

Faculty. Your courses will be taught by our faculty, not by TA's. Class sizes are small, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 14:1.

Leadership. Through internship and research experiences, you''ll build your resume. The opportunity to lead and excel in a professional workplace will provide you with confidence and experience.

Liberal arts. Course work outside your major will help you experience other disciplines and gain the critical thinking skills that employers are looking for.

Location. We're close to NYC, so all of your internship, research, and entertainment opportunities are only a train ride away. In the Hudson Valley, you'll live and learn in an area rich in natural and cultural resources and steeped in history.

People. We’re a close community of classmates, neighbors, professors, staff, and friends. 

Spiritual foundation. The Mount’s rich Dominican heritage and commitment to Judeo-Christian values and traditions help students develop ethics and values.

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