Director of Adult Student Admissions

Kerin Reilly

Kerin is the director of adult student admissions. She is responsible for the management and execution of the department’s recruitment and outreach strategies.

Kerin started her career at Mount Saint Mary College in 2005 and has worked with adult students since 2007. She also teaches for the Adult Accelerated Degree Program in both the hybrid format and at our military sites.

Kerin’s previous position was as a research associate; a position in which she completed a collaborative research study that concluded with an invitation to present the findings at the APS (Association of Psychological Science) 18th Annual Convention. The skills she obtained in that position has allowed her to assist in the analysis of enrollment data by separating out a range of variables and tracking the conversion rates of our students from the inquiry to enrollment stage. Her experience in this position also played a key role in her decision to pursue an academic position on a college campus.

Kerin is proud to be part of the Mount Saint Mary College Alumni, after graduating summa cum laude in May 2004 with a bachelor of arts degree, and completing a master of business administration degree in 2010. She is a member of Alpha Chi, Psi Chi, Alpha Sigma Lambda and the Delta Mu Delta honor societies and was named an Aquinas Scholar in 2003.

Kerin resides in Monroe, New York with her husband and two children. Her son, Patrick, will be a freshman on campus in fall 2012.

Phone:  845-569-3283

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Kerin Reilly