International Programs

Intensive 3-week Management Programs

Mount Saint Mary College is excited to be offering a short term January and July interim  training program for high-level managerial students in emerging countries. With tracks in health care management, marketing,financial and project management, and strategic thinking  the goal is to empower participants with current management tools and provide international experience.

Geared to undergraduate students and recent graduates, this intensive program lasts three weeks, with classes and activities full time. This program will run for the first time in January and July 2014.

To facilitate access for students from emerging countries to these courses, students are supported by an extensive and successful program of scholarships, covering 70% of their expenditure on the course chosen. 

We invite everyone to know of and participate in these programs.

Prof. Ricardo de Britto Pitelli
Doctor of Business Administration from FEA / USP Representative of State University of New York and Mount Saint Mary College

General Description of Program

The courses are aimed at undergraduates and recent graduates with an interest in pursuing studies in specific areas of management (see course listings below) while also developing their level of English language proficiency. The goal is to create a foundation in business studies, providing the student with an advanced vision of contemporary topics on the chosen theme and a vital international experience. Classes are taught entirely in English, with lessons and activities full time.

The courses are three weeks in length. To ensure close contact between teacher and students, classes are composed of groups with between 15 and 30 participants. In January, classes will be taught at Mount Saint Mary College, except of course for Health Care Management that happens both in January and in July at MSMC.

Program Highlights include:

Intensive Courses in Business and Health Administration in the United States.

Visits to companies

A program tailored to your needs

The courses allow students to leverage their expertise in an international program without having to disconnect themselves from their home university or internship in their country of origin. The programs, equivalent to a postgraduate extension, were structured to be routed in January, leaving free three weekends in one of the most sought after tourist regions of the world.

Certificates (see below details on the certification issued to participants) are conferred based on classroom participation and experential learning. Students have weekly assignments and seminars and the goal is to structure a program which is both participatory and concrete, in which students actively engage in the development of practical activities.


Health Care Management – HCM
Hospital Management with focus on quality management on health care and managing health services, Health Law and bioethics, approaching contemporary topics in this field, Health Financing, discussing the relationship between health care and public sector organizations and the private sector.

Marketing and Value Management – MVM
Identifying Marketing Opportunities; Developing Marketing Plans, Building Competitive Marketing Mix. Company visits and business case studies. Business Inglês.

Competitive Project Management – CPM
Foundations of Project Management; Special topics in Project Management; New Frontiers in Project Management. Company visits and business case studies. Business Inglês.

Corporate Financial Management – CFM
Introduction to Corporate Financial Management, Financial Strategy and Budget; Special topics in Financial Management. Company visits and business case studies. Business Inglês.

Strategic Thinking - ST
Introduction to Strategic Thinking; Environmental and Internal Analysis, Building Competitive Strategies. Company visits and business cases;  business Inglês.

Previous readings: students will receive a set of articles to read, approximately four months in advance, allowing the best preparation for classes.

* Subject to change according to the coordination.

The MCH program provides two visits to healthcare organizations in New York, with the goal of providing a direct contact with these institutions and a professional on-site observation of their daily reality. The group will visit a company or receive classroom a local manager to provide an opportunity to interact live with the reality of U.S. business. Students will also receive suggestions for visits to organizations and events to be developed by the students choice in their free time.

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