Alumni & Family Weekend

Reunion Committee

2017 Reunion Chairs and Committee Members

Class of 1967
Bobbi (Lancaster) Allen, Chair
Michele (Calabrese) Gusciora
Janet (Seaman) McCauley
Mary (Castiello) Peduzzi

Class of 1977
Lynne Ejercito, Chair

Class of 1982
Jean Marie (Olson) Fortunato, Chair
Barbara (Erb) Giardina
Cathy (Ruggiero) Steinberg
Rita (Honan) Crana

Class of 1987

Meline (Pittman) Radenberg, Chair
Kathi (Mohman) Markisello

Class of 1992

Kerry Ann (Ryan) Troy, Chair
Eileen (Brady) Tarasco

Class of 1997
Jim Kelly, Chair

Class of 2007
Joanna Suppa, Chair
Katie-Lee (Mayer) Mineo
Tiffany (Paul) Cohen
Nicole DiMarino
Tim Graves

Class of 2012
Meghan Darcy, Chair
Samantha Sinatra
Karen (McCaffrey) Regno

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