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Women's Basketball Assistant Coach

Mount Saint Mary College is currently seeking applicants for the women's basketball assistant coach. The purpose of the position is to support the College's women's basketball team within the guidelines of NCAA Division Ill membership. The duties of the assistant women's basketball coach include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Consults with the head basketball coach in preparing, training, and directing student athletes for participation and competition.

2. Must be capable of solely managing the program in the event the head coach is unavailable due to illness or personal emergency.

3. Communicates with the head coach regarding evaluations of student athletes and assists with the implementation of necessary strategies to maintain the program in a competitive manner.

4. Assists the head coach in coordinating all practice plans, team meetings, daily communications, team scouting, film and game review, and travel itineraries.

5. Works closely with the head coach for the implementation of the recruiting agenda. This includes generating names of players, high school visits, coaching contacts, personal contacts, attendance at AAU and other tournaments to identify and evaluate student athletes, telephone and mail/e-mail contacts, and campus visits.

6. In the absence of the head coach, represents the college at athletic meetings pertaining to the women's basketball program. This includes Skyline Conference meetings, NCAA/ECAC meetings, and meetings with other conference member institutions.

7. Is responsible to know all pertinent NCAA legislation and bylaws as it pertains to Division Ill Inter-collegiate athletics and particularly basketball. This includes student athlete eligibility, recruiting, sportsmanship, gambling, drugs, and hazing policies, among others. Is required to participate in department annual NCAA Rules Seminar.

8. Work closely with the head coach in any fundraising activities, approved by the Athletic Department that will directly benefit the basketball program or the Athletic Department.

9. Coordinate with the head coach to insure that department and college regulations are understood by and complied with by student athletes.

10. Display a commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and ethical conduct as per the NCAA Constitution.

11. Assumption of other duties as assigned by the Director of Athletics and/or the Dean of Student Affairs.

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