MSMC Authors

Bojan K. Lazarevic

Assistant Professor of Information Technology
Division of Math and Information Technology
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Best practices in using video technology to promote second language acquisition
Bojan K. Lazarevic & A. McNulty
Teaching English with Technology, v2, n3, 2011, p49-61.

The DiaCog: a prototype tool for visualizing online dialog games` interactions
Bojan K. Lazarevic, Ilker Yengin
Research in Higher Education Journal,  v25, September 2014, p1-14

Emerging instructional technologies: exploring the extent of faculty use of Web 2.0 tools at a Midwestern community college
Bojan K. Lazarevic, T. Daher
TechTrends v58, n6, p42-50

Online learning challenges: need for evolving models
Bojan K. Lazarevic, D. Bentz
European Scientific Journal, v2, p68-79. 


Being a teacher in online instruction: promoting teaching presence through video technology
Bojan K. Lazarevic
Lambert Academic Publishing, 2011.