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Dean Goldberg

 Dean Goldberg

Associate Professor of Media Studies
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The Kaplan Family Foundation: a living legacy
Editor: Dean Goldberg
Author: Jonathan Goldman
First Impressions Printing, 2010


Screams and whispers: in Servant of the Bones, Anne Rice's hero finds his inner ghost
Dean Goldberg
The Record, July 21, 1996, p1 of Books and Music Section

The digital revolution: what is missing?
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, April 2009, p. 42-43

3 reasons to "just say no" to three point lighting: demystify the 'Holy Trinity' of lighting
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, May 2009, p. 8-9

A conversation with DP Rick Siegel about Jeff Beck Live at the Iridium: the stuff of legend: Jeff Beck honors Les Paul
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, 2011, v6, n2, p. 8-14

A poem: Wednesday 8AM
Dean Goldberg
Chronogram, May 1, 2012

Visual grammar and syntax of film
Dean Goldberg
Student Filmmakers, 2012, v7, n3, p. 30

Who's driving the bus?
Authors: Dean Goldberg
Periodical: Student Filmmakers, 2012, v7, n3, p. 35