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Rebecca Norman

 Assistant Professor of Education
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Diagrams, timelines, and tables: Oh, My! Fostering graphical literacy
Rebecca Norman, Kathryn L. Roberts, Nell K. Duke, Paul Morsink, Nicole M. Martin, Jennifer A. Knight
The Reading Teacher, v67, n1, September 2013, p12-24

Beyond concepts of print: development of concepts of graphics in text, PreK to grade 3
Rebecca Norman, N.K. Duke, N.M. Martin, J.A.  Knight, K.L. Roberts, P.M. M orsink, & S.L. Calkins
Research in the Teaching of English, v48, n2, November 2013, p175-203. 

Not just pretty pictures
Rebecca Norman, Kathryn L. Roberts
Educational Leadership, v71, n3, November 2013, p62-66

Evaluating texts for graphical literacy instruction
Rebecca Norman, Kathryn L. Roberts, Kristy Bruger
The Reading Teacher, v68, n4, 2014, p312-318

Practicing what we preach:relationships between third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade teachers’ beliefs and practices related to genre
Rebecca Norman, Kathryn L. Roberts
Michigan Reading Journal, v47, n1, 2014,p6-13

Relationship between graphical device comprehension and overall text comprehension for third-grade children
Rebecca Norman, Kathryn L. Roberts, Jaime Cocco
Reading Psychology, 2015

Getting the bigger picture: children's utilization of graphics and text
Rebecca Norman, Kathryn L. Roberts
Journal of Visual Literacy, v34, n1, 2015, p35-55