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Charles Zola

Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Director of the Catholic and Dominican Institute
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Book Chapters

Chapter Title: Filial responsibility for aging parents
Charles Zola
Book Title: The ethics of the family
Authors: Stephen Scales, Adam Potthast, and Linda Oravecz
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010. First Edition.


Geriatric filial piety
Charles Zola
International Journal of Applied Philosophy, v15, n2, 2001, p185-203

Marketplace in human reproduction shouldn't treat children as commodities
Charles Zola
The Citizens' Voice, June 25, 2008, p19

Putting a price on parenthood
Charles Zola
The Patriot News, F1

Reproduction marketplace tests ethics: commentary
Charles Zola
The Times Leader, June 25, 2008, p7A

Prudential elder care: a Thomistic approach
Charles Zola
American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, v87, n1, Winter 2013, p137-164