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Debra Hrelic

Professor of Nursing
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Book Chapters

Chapter Title: Essentials of labor and delivery
Debra Hrelic
Book Title: Perinatal Nursing Secrets
Editors: D.A.Raines, S.M. Levasser
Hanley & Belfus, 2003. First Edition.

Chapter Title: Orthopedic medications
Debra Hrelic
Book Title: Orthopedic Nursing Secrets
Editor: M. E. Zychowicz
Hanley & Belfus, 2003. First Edition.

Chapter Title: TCN concepts in child-bearing courses
Debra Hrelic & Priscilla Sagar
Book Title: Transcultural nursing education strategies
Springer, 2014

Chapter Title: "Talk to me...": communication between mothers and young adolescent daughters
Debra A. Hrelic
Book Title: Adolescence in the 21st century: constants and challenges
Editors: Frances R. Spielhagen, Paul D. Schwartz
Information Age Publishing, 2014

Chapter Title: Integrating transcultural concepts across the lifespan: childbearing courses
Debra A. Hrelic
Book Title: Transcultural nursing education strategies
Editor: Priscilla L. Sagar
Springer, 2014