Philosophy and current dilemmas theme of scholarly Aquinas workshop

January 23, 2012

Newburgh, NY -

Philosophy Workshop

Following on the success of last year’s inaugural philosophy workshop which attracted scholars from around the world, The Catholic and Dominican Institute of Mount Saint Mary College, will host: “Thomas Aquinas and the Mind/Body Problem,” on June 21-24, 330 Powell Avenue, Newburgh, NY.

The Thomistic Institute, Dominican House of Studies, Washington, DC, will co-sponsor the event. Online registration is open and some graduate scholarships will be available.

Thomas Aquinas, an Italian priest in the Dominican Order of Preachers, was an influential 13th century philosopher and theologian whose work is still relevant today.

“Thomas Aquinas and ¬the Mind/Body Problem” will explore Aquinas' philosophy of the human person and how it relates to dilemmas in contemporary philosophy of mind. Among other topics, the conference will cover how Aquinas’ study of human intellect, free will, emotions and physiological processes provide an illuminating account of human life.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan of the Archdiocese of New York will celebrate the opening liturgy. The first day of the scholarly conference is primarily for graduate students in philosophy or adjacent disciplines. The remainder of the event will combine presentations by philosophers with times of discussion and debate.

Confirmed presenters include Fr. James Brent, OP, Catholic University of America; Candace Vogler, PhD, University of Chicago; Thomas Hibbs, PhD, Baylor; Michael Gorman, PhD, Catholic University; and John O'Callaghan, PhD; and Alfred Freddoso, PhD of the University of Notre Dame. Fr. Charles Morerod, OP, last year’s keynote speaker, was recently named Bishop of Lausanne, Fribourg and Geneva, Switzerland, but he hopes to return to the Mount for this second conference.

Mount Saint Mary College’s Catholic and Dominican Institute is rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition. It promotes the college’s Dominican heritage; advances the Dominican charism of learning and service; provides a forum for discussion of contemporary ethical issues; and enhances Catholic and Jewish dialogue.

For information and reservations for the “Thomas Aquinas and the Mind/Body Problem,” workshop, call 845-569-3467 or visit