Mount honors longtime employees

December 16, 2011

Newburgh, NY -

Fr. Kevin Mackin OFM, president of Mount Saint Mary College, honored 28 longtime employees during the annual Christmas party, December 16.

The following college employees were honored:

35 years of service: Karen Eberle-McCarthy, Newburgh, professor of Spanish; Sr. Pat Sullivan, Beacon, professor of mathematics.

30 years of service: James Dilorenzo, MD, Wallkill, associate physician.

25 years of service: Lillian Youmans, Walden, custodian.

20 years of service: Newburgh residents Mattson K. Atsunyo, professor of business; and John J. Wright, director of athletics and recreation; Gail A. Carlock, Highland, payroll coordinator; Antonio Rodriguez, Monroe, custodian; Lawrence T. Force, Pleasant Valley, professor of psychology.

15 years of service: Newburgh residents Kelly M. Yough, associate dean of students; and Matthew T. Dembinsky, assistant director of admissions; Mary W. Damm, Poughkeepsie, women’s swim team coach; Ellen L. Walsh, New Windsor, secretary; Brian Moore, Montgomery, purchasing manager, Sr. Peggy Murphy, Middletown, professor of religious studies.

10 Years of service: Newburgh residents Sonya R. Latham, security officer; and Barbara A. Connolly, administrative secretary to the president; New Windsor residents John F. Greeney, network administrator; and Vivian B. Milczarski, librarian; Linda L. Connors, Poughkeepsie, financial aid counselor; Michelle Tabor, Walden, secretary; Michael J. Meehan, Washingtonville, security officer; Debra Hrelic, Bridgewater, CT, associate professor of nursing; Marilyn Riccio, Marlboro, admissions specialist; Michael R. Mattausch, Mountainville, academic advisor; Ludmila V. Smirnova, Goshen, professor of education; Janice Stankus, Hopewell Junction, administrative assistant.