Mount Saint Mary College partners with local government and business to expand START-UP NY program in Newburgh

Legislators and business leaders speak of plans to collaborate for success in Newburgh
June 23, 2014

Newburgh, NY -


New York State Sen. William Larkin praises the Mount’s START-UP Newburgh business acceleration plan at a recent press conference.

Mount Saint Mary plans to partner with iCANny/The Hudson Valley Center for Innovation, a Hudson Valley-based business incubator and accelerator, to launch START-UP Newburgh. The college’s goal in applying recently to START-UP NY is to help transform Newburgh’s economy with local job opportunities and to encourage entrepreneurial spirit.

START-UP Newburgh will offer guidance to emerging and mature businesses engaged in the development of healthcare, life sciences, medical devices, bio-technologies and associated industries.

The college plans to lend qualifying businesses 5,000 sq. ft. of space at 337 Liberty St. in the City of Newburgh. Officials hope to increase the amount of space as time goes on.

The initiative has been spearheaded at the Mount by James Raimo, vice president for facilities and operations; and Michael J. O’Keefe, executive director of operations and security/safety.

“Our state government leaders have declared that New York State is open for business,” said Raimo. “Our county leaders have declared that Orange County is open for businesses. Our city leaders have declared that the City of Newburgh is open for business. And now Mount Saint Mary College, its faculty, staff and students, will be included in this joint effort…to improve the quality of life in the City of Newburgh.”

According to Raimo and O’Keefe, START-UP Newburgh aims to:

  • Focus and leverage entrepreneurial pursuit in healthcare, education, life science and technology
  • Provide accelerator facilities for local and domestic markets­­ in healthcare, medical devices, education and training, and other cultural/commerce pursuits
  • Facilitate implementation of global import/export licensing strategies for products, processes, and services
  • Identify, engage and converge academic, entrepreneurial and community leaders, partners and objectives
  • Utilize City of Newburgh as research/discovery laboratory and test market
  • Inspire entrepreneurial spirit and methodologies in Mount Saint Mary College academic programs
  • Facilitate student internships, academic learning, and faculty association with tenants
  • Incorporate students in accelerator applicant process, evaluation, and due diligence
  • Support women, minorities and veterans to develop healthcare and life science businesses

“This is our city,” said New York Sen. William Larkin. “This is our college. We can make it happen, but we have to work together.”

Newburgh Mayor Judith Kennedy agreed.

“We need to use [the City of Newburgh’s] history of innovation, collaboration, teamwork, and business spirit to pull us forward,” she said. “This is a beautiful opportunity to partner with one of the key assets in this city,” Mount Saint Mary College.

Les Neumann, managing director and CEO of iCANny/The Hudson Valley Center for Innovation, said that START-UP Newburgh can help the city unlock its true business potential.

“This is about inclusion, this is about cooperation, this is about partnerships, entrepreneurship, and collaboration,” he said. “There has never been a more committed group to getting this done than the Mount Saint Mary group.”

Accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education, the Mount’s business program is relevant to the needs of the business community, as well as the students, through relationships with the college’s Business Advisory Council and with organizations such as The Solar Energy Consortium.


From left: Curlie Dillard, Orange County, District 12; William Larkin, New York State senator; Judy Kennedy, mayor of Newburgh; John Lonczak, board director of Hudson Valley Center for Innovation; Les Neumann, managing director and CEO of iCANny/Hudson Valley Center for Innovation; Michael O’Keefe, executive director of operations and security/safety at Mount Saint Mary College; Frank Skartados, assemblyman; and James Raimo, vice president for facilities and operations at the Mount.


About the Mount: Mount Saint Mary College is ranked a Top-Tier University by U.S. News & World Report, and offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for careers in healthcare, business, education, social services, communications, media and more.