New courses for spring 2012

February 08, 2012

Newburgh, NY -

Mount Saint Mary College has launched new courses this spring from Neuroscience to Philosophy for a New Generation, and more.

Introduction to the Neurosciences, taught by Sarah Uzelac and Carl Hoegler, is an interdisciplinary course in psychology and biology. It explores the relationship between the nervous system and human behavior, introducing students to basic concepts of neurobiology. The course also covers sensory processing and motor excitation, and higher functions of brain activity.

Philosophy for a New Generation is a seminar course taught by Justin Chiarot that provides a robust understanding of both sides of the “God Debate.” Beginning with Nietzsche and Bertrand Russell, and climaxing with the “New Atheists,” Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, and Dennett, students will become fluent in the language of "modern atheism."

Online Social Media: a Communication Tool will focus on the varied uses of online media in marketing and public relations communication. The course is taught by Eric Langstedt.

Pharmacology for RNs will be taught by Andrea Ackermann, chair of nursing, beginning in March. Based on the pre-licensure pharmacology course offered at the Mount, it is designed for the professional registered nurse. The Mount's RN to BSN blended online course features interactive modules and only one day per week in class.

For information or to arrange a campus tour, call 845-569-3488.