Students present sea urchin research

December 16, 2011

Newburgh, NY -

Francesco Criscuolo of Middletown, NY, a biology/chemistry major at Mount Saint Mary College, studied sea urchins – often referred to as the “hedgehog of the sea.” The prickly looking animal – an echinoderm related to the starfish – usually lives near rocky shores where it feeds on seaweed and other organic material.

Julia Karsten, a junior biology/physical therapy major from Forest Hills, NY, explains how UV light negatively affects the percentage of sea urchin eggs fertilized, to Carl Hoegler, associate professor of biology at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY. Karsten and her group were part of Investigating Research On Campus (iROC), a seminar series designed to encourage college wide exchange of research ideas in an informal discussion format. Mount faculty and students from all disciplines use this forum to present their results and findings. From left: Tom Alessi of Westwood, NJ, biology/physical therapy; Shannon Attebery of Fishkill, NY, biology/education; and Ryan Churchill of Beacon, biology/physical therapy. Through a special agreement with New York Medical College (NYMC) Mount students can earn a bachelor of arts degree in biology and a doctorate in physical therapy from NYMC.