Summer Undergraduate Research 2010


Nineteen Mount Saint Mary College students were accepted in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) 2010 program, led by James Moran, assistant professor of biology. 

With college funding through the SURE program, students received stipends to do research projects with faculty during summer. Students worked in teams or singly with one or two academic mentors, or professors in the division, during one of two research sessions. 

Five Mount students who participated in the Summer 2010 SURE program presented four posters at the 240th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition in August  2010 in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Andre Santa and Becky Seepersad, juniors majoring in the Chemistry BA / MS in Education 5-year program, presented a poster on the reaction of alcohol oxidation catalyzed by gold and palladium nanoparticles.

Michelle Watch, a senior majoring in the Biology BA / MS in Education 5-year program, presented a poster on the feasibility of building a groundwater tank model (that simulates the dispersion of pollution in watersheds for education purposes) that is economical, high quality, and that uses a minimal amount of resources. 

Mary McEwan, a junior majoring in the Biology BA / MS in Education program, presented on the analysis of carbon monoxide and other parameters in the smoke and the filtering water of the "hookah' smoking device. 

SURE summer research 2010

Brian Browne, a senior dual-majoring in Biology and Chemistry, will presented on metal ion binding in biological systems, using terbium fluorescence probes. 

Congratulations to junior Andre Santa, who was awarded a renewable American Chemical Society Scholars award of $5,000.

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