Academic Testing

Required Tests

Which tests must you take?

As outlined below, the student’s choice of major, combined with score earned on the Math SAT or Math ACT examination, determines if the math placement test is required by the college.

All nursing majors are required to take the TEAS exam.

Mount Saint Mary College does not accept placement test scores from other institutions as a substitute for our own testing.

Academic MajorPlacement in Mathematics
Accounting/MBA 5 yr MSMCRequired
Biology BA/MS in Education 5 yr MSMCRequired
Business Management & AdministrationRequired
Chemistry BA/MS in Education 5 yr MSMCRequired
CriminologySAT-Math >= 500 Not Required*
Counseling 5 yr program with Pace UniversitySAT-Math >= 500 Not Required*
EnglishSAT-Math >= 500 Not Required*
English BA/MS in Education 5 yr MSMCSAT-Math >= 500 Not Required*
Hispanic StudiesSAT-Math >= 500 Not Required*
HistorySAT-Math >= 500 Not Required*
History/Adolescence EducationRequired
History/Political ScienceSAT-Math >= 500 Not Required*
History/Political Science/Adolescence EducationRequired
Human ServicesSAT-Math >= 500 Not Required*
Information TechnologyRequired
Interdisciplinary Studies (general science, technology & digital media) Required
Media Studies or Public RelationsSAT-Math >= 500 Not Required*
NursingTEAS Exam Required
Physical Therapy / BiologyRequired
Physical Therapy / PsychologyRequired
PsychologySAT-Math >= 500 Not Required*
Publishing 5 yr program with Pace UniversitySAT-Math >= 500 Not Required*
Social Science SAT-Math >= 500 Not Required*
Social Work 5 yr program with Fordham UniversitySAT-Math >= 500 Not Required*
SociologySAT-Math >= 500 Not Required*
UndeclaredSAT-Math >= 500 Not Required*
Pre-Health Professions (Advisement tracks with a separate major)

Biology-Physician Assistant PrepRequired

                                                                                                                                                 * or 21 on the ACT-Math

You may not require math placement testing if you have completed college-level math courses elsewhere and earned grades of C or better in those courses. So, too, if you have taken Advanced Placement math exams and earned scores of 3 or better, you may not require math testing. However, please notify the Admissions Office for a final determination regarding whether or not placement testing is needed.

Students are responsible for making sure that Official Transcripts verifying completion of college coursework are forwarded to Mount Saint Mary College's Registrar's Office.