Math Online Assessment (ALEKS)

Interpreting Test Results

Immediately after completing the ALEKS assessment, you will be shown a pie chart that indicates your percentage score on the ALEKS assessment.

What math course am I eligible to take?

Please check the chart below to determine what math course you are eligible to take:

Course #Course NameMin. ScoreRange 
Elementary Functions
Elementary Statistic
Excursions in Math 1
Excursions in Math 2
Investigating Contemporary Issues Using Mathematics and Technology
MTH0150Algebra (0 credits)30%30-44
MTH0110Basic Math (0 credits) 0-29


Please see the MSMC Undergraduate Catalog for descriptions of these courses

Please note that Basic Math and Algebra are 0-credit courses, meaning they do not count towards the 120-credits required to graduate. Both of these are considered developmental courses. Students placing into either of these courses may also be restricted from taking certain courses within their chosen major. Developmental courses (MATH 0110 and 0150) offer credit equivalency. This way, if you are enrolled in a developmental course, your status as a full-time student is not affected and you remain eligible for financial aid. However, these courses do not offer credit toward a degree.

To summarize, students must achieve a score of 75% or greater to place into Calculus I, 61% or greater to place into Precalculus, and 45% is the minimum score to place into any credit-bearing math course.

Do you wish to retake the ALEKS assessment to try to improve your score?
You will have a total of two attempts to take the ALEKS assessment, and you must wait a minimum of 48 hours between assessments. If you plan to retake the assessment, you will have to spend a minimum of three hours in the Prep and Learning Module through ALEKS between assessments. Login to ALEKS to begin using the module.

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