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Culture of Life Campaign

The Culture of Life program was designed to reflect the motto Love Yourself, Be Yourself, Be the Example… Because It’s the Right Thing to Do.

The objective of the Culture of Life program is to integrate this motto into the daily lives of Mount students, in and out of the classroom, which in turn will affect their life when they graduate.

Moreover, the campaign fosters a deeper understanding of the College’s mission, namely “Doce Me Veritatem.” (Teach me the truth.) Additionally, the program exhibits the use of a shared and inclusive language, thus promoting the feeling of community on campus. This understanding will affect our students’ moral development, thus broadening their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Respect towards others and self
  • Values and moral development
  • Self image/worth
  • Bullying
  • Relationships (meaning of relationships, types of, etc.)
  • Decision making (alcohol, drugs, healthy process of making decisions)
  • An environment of safety

Culture of Life Fall 2013
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Past Programs

Julia Garcia, "The TRU College Life"
Through her infectious personality and innate ability to connect with her audiences, Julia brings poetry, up to date stats, inspiring stories, and empowering audience interaction to create one powerful and unforgettable TRU college experience.

Donna Freitas, author of Sex and the Soul
Donna Freitas is an author of books for both teens and adults. Her most recent works, The End of Sex and Sex and the Soul, seek to empower our nation’s youth through a  honest discussion of the reality of the college experience, and how tricky it can be to keep afloat while hook-up culture seeks to trample sexuality and spirtuality.

Chris Herren, former professional basketball player
From growing up in Boston, to landing the dream job of being a Boston Celtic; Chris Herren speaks about the substance abuse problems he dealt with for most of his basketball career and his road to redeption and recovery.

Erica Upshaw, "Keep Friendship Alive"
Erica Austin (Erica Upshaw) shares her first-hand story using videos, interviews, audience interaction, and humor to convey the importance of partying smart and keeping friends safe.

Wellness Week
This week of events helps students identify the seven areas of individual wellness and gives them the tools to achieve balance in all seven areas through a wide variety of programming.

For more information on this campaign, please contact Sandra Henderson, director of student activities, at 845-569-3112 or Father Francis Amodio, director of campus ministries, at 845-569-3154.

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